五四青年节 [wǔ sì qīng nián jié] 用英语的正确说法为 Youth Day (May 4)


[before a consonant ðə; before a vowel; ðɪ; stressed; ðiː] [juːθ] [deɪ]


[ðə] [jʊθ] [de]




YouthDay(青年节) in the People's Republicof China is on May 4.It was established in December 1949 by the Government Administration Council to commemorate the beginning of the May Fourth Movement in 1919. This day is knownas May Fourth Movement, Chinese intellectual revolution and sociopolitical reform movement(1917–21)。

In 1915 young intellectuals inspired by Chen Duxiu began agitating for the reform and strengthening of Chinese society through acceptance of Western science, democracy,a nd schools of thought, one objective being to make China strong enough to resist Western imperialism.

On May 4, 1919, reformist zeal found focus in a protest by Beijing's students against the Versailles Peace Conference's decision to transfer former German concessions in China to Japan.

After more than a month of demonstrations,strikes,and boycotts of Japanese goods,the government gav eway and refused to sign the peace treaty with Germany.

The movement spurred thes uccessful reorganization of the Nationalist Party and gave birth to the Chinese Communist Party.






五四青年节的确定 为了使青年继承和发扬五四运动的光荣传统,1939年,陕甘宁边区西北青年救国联合会规定5月4日为中青年节。1949年12月23日,中国人民政府政务院正式规定:5月4日为中国青年节。 2008年4月,经国务院法制办同意,“青年节”放假适用人群为14至28周岁的青年,3亿多青年将于每年5月4日放假半天。 按照国务院公布的《全国年节及纪念日放假办法》的规定,“青年节(5月4日),14周岁以上的青年放假半天”,但这一规定没有明确放假适用人群的年龄上限。 此次进一步明确年龄上限后,将有3亿多年龄在14至28周岁之间的青年可以依法在青年节这天享受到半天的假期,感受到社会对青年的关爱。 《办法》指出,各部门和各用人单位应自觉遵守《全国年节及纪念日放假办法》的规定,切实保障青年的休假权利。




Some people say that youth are a song, echoed the cheerful, beautiful melody; Some people say that youth is a draw, engraved with the rich, romantic colors.

80 years ago, in order to expel darkness for light, for an independent homeland and the rich and powerful, a group of high-spirited youth with blood and lives to write the song the most magnificent song of youth, drawn on a most magnificent picture of the youth.

Today, "54" Sports as a glorious page has been included in the annals of the Chinese nation. However, "54" is much more than just a historical case, it is a spirit, to show young people of our nation fiery love for the future and destiny of the country concerned about the performance of duty and mission of young people.

Today, we had the honor of this generation of young people living in the reform and opening up a good time, had the honor of standing at the meeting point of century and millennium on. We are fortunate. Facing the new century, our responsibility. Recalling our carry forward the "54" the spirit of thinking seriously, and they should have a kind of youth, what kind of life. Recall that the initial start Know "54" is a history lesson from the primary and secondary schools began. At that time, the teacher talked about "54" exercise, to us, on the imperialist powers of the various Chinese bullying on young people gave their lives for the motherland at various feat. At that time, although we still can not fully understand one of the profound truth, but like a ray of hope to illuminate the wilderness of ignorance, our young minds have sown the seeds of patriotism. Gradually, we grew up, we become their prime of youth, we more deeply understand the traditions and spirit of 54. Think of us once and almost 54 young people it big! They already provide us with the tender shoulders of a salvation from the task, and today the important task of the construction of the motherland will have no choice but to fall on our shoulders of the people of this generation, we should be even more prosperous homeland and dedication of us all?

Ah yes, we do not small, we should not stop at Forever Parent generous shelter sheltered under the wings. May 4 this year, we will take part in the swearing-in ceremony for adults. That means we will have the same father who together put up a blue sky.

Elders often say that we are people of this generation tank foam honey baby, with less sense of urgency, and less sense of responsibility. Indeed, compared with them, our lives more comfortable, more comfortable. But this does not mean that we can relax his efforts to reduce the duty on the shoulders.

People often talked about our old Subei always feeling great. Subei earth, are a beautiful and magical land, our region has Yanfu at the history of the Chinese revolution had left a glorious chapter. Army horse era, the land side, once for the Chinese revolution, how to pay the expensive price. After new China was founded, the people here with their own hands, with people Subei diligence and wisdom, so that their homeland has undergone enormous changes. Speaking of all this, our hearts are always filled with pride. However, we should also see that here with the motherland when compared to other developed regions have a large gap between the individual places where poverty has yet to be further management. Here is the economy as a whole have to be further off. Us, as Subei youth, first of all should feel what? Calligonum duty, duty should be felt. "Health is my land, take care of me are this piece of land." We loved this piece of land at the foot. We have to assume the construction of homeland, prosperous homeland responsibility.

In my homeland, there is a father with my peers. He is nationally renowned for its rural Technology iron man. Him based on farmland, tirelessly studied the wheat, cotton, how to land on the homeland can have higher output. When his research has made the preliminary results, the cancer again and again to hit him. He did not fall, the wind is still on crutches in the rain to stay in the Agrocybe visited farmers at home. Tireless efforts, he produced the fine varieties have been promoted by the popularity of plant technology, grain output increased peasant hands welcome such agricultural Members. Put him as the "Agricultural Iron Man." He is our example of good old youth. Last year, his swearing-in ceremony of young adults in our city on earnestly warned us, for the old economy to take off, it is necessary to study hard and master the scientific and cultural knowledge, based on their own, holding a heart, the non-semi-root grass go! We remember the iron man, we be aware of her own duty, our Yanfu old youth who will try our best.

Yes, our duty on the shoulders of every youth, if we look to the new century, the entire nation, and the construction of homeland, we will not shrink.

Li Dazhao had at "their youth," one paper wrote: "burst the shackles of history, wash away the history of Tourette's plot, the new national life, to restore the nation's crisis." Although we have today without the face of lost territory, subject to war without smoke, but The task before us arduous same. We should strive to become Luxun described as "the creation of human history there has never been on the third generation." " dared not country" the world as, youth blood Xian homeland, tenacious efforts and selfless dedication for the prosperity of the motherland and contribute their wisdom and strength of all. Today, we are filled with people of talent, and tomorrow are the pillars of society, it is necessary to set off waves of Chinese take-off.